Our Love Story:

Food has been the centerpiece for much of what we do. We each have families, careers, and a passion for serving in our community, yet we always find the time to enjoy a new restaurant or a great dish. 

We soon found that we were slowly becoming a trusted source of dining recommendations for friends, family, and even those we had never met. Eventually, we realized we needed a larger platform to share our dining expertise with the masses. Thus, Bites with Beauties was born.

Our “Queen City” is so rich in culture, history and food that we take every opportunity to explore new restaurants and support local events. But why stop there? Everyone loves good food, so we travel far and wide to discover new experiences, forge lasting relationships, and share our expertise with the world.

Bites with Beauties was conceived from our love affair with food. We began as friends and found sisterhood. We started with a bite and discovered a journey.

Follow this love story as we chronicle the sweet treats, the savory dishes, and everything in between.

My devotion to good food began in my home town of Savannah, GA.  As a southern native, you don't have to look far to find a bite to eat. Food is literally at the center of every occasion - birthdays, holidays, weddings, sporting events, and every occasion in between.  


As I matured, I eventually realized that it doesn’t take a special occasion to celebrate and enjoy good food.  Good people and delicious food is always a winning recipe for unforgettable memories!


Around 2009, my career in secondary education led this Beauty to the Queen City, where I also discovered a passion for philanthropy and youth empowerment.  And it's this same passion that I bring to Bites with Beauties.  Yes, my sisters and I do more than just eat!  We each have a strong commitment to community activism and volunteerism.  Plus...everyone's happier on a full stomach!


Favorite Food: Pizza


Favorite Restaurant: Soul Gastrolounge


Guilty Pleasure: Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream


Jackie Tobgo, Research and Development Director 

Shoni Allen, Corporate Relations Director

Born and raised in New York City, let’s just say my love affair with food was conceived in the Big Apple.  NYC is a melting pot for every palate - from corner store delis and bodegas, to a variety of ethnic options on every block. Let's not forget NYC's world renowned fine dining. 


NYC's different combinations of people, ethnicities and traditions cultivated my firsthand experiences with many different cuisines, including Caribbean, Latin, Asian, American and many others.


The same diversity that exists in NYC was also present in my household. My mother is Panamanian and my father is American, so my siblings and I grew up eating many traditional foods from both cultures.


As life would have it, this Queen from Queens, NY, moved to the Queen City in December of 2009! Despite relocating, delicious food and memorable dining experiences continue to be some of my favorite pleasures in life.

Fave Food: Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


Favorite Restaurant: Bernardin's Restaurant at Ratcliffe


Guilty Pleasure: Warm Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Born and raised in Rock Hill, South Carolina, I am no stranger to the Queen City.  I've watched Charlotte grow immensely over the years.  This growth has brought an influx of different cultures to the city, which in turn has led to an expansive array of dining options - from Mediterranean and Indian to Caribbean and French.  Even the Vegan culture is up and coming.  A little something for everyone to enjoy! 


From Sunday dinner with family to dining at local eateries, I am truly a foodie at heart.  I especially enjoy discovering those hidden gems in any destination I'm visiting. So don't be surprised to see me snap a few candid photos as soon as the plates hit the table.  I believe every important moment should be captured and every bite should be savored. 


As a content creator, I truly appreciate the creativity and care that goes into crafting the delectable dishes I have come to enjoy. Every meal should have an unforgettable feeling that leaves an impression on the soul. And it is that very feeling that serves as the tour guide on my foodie adventures in Charlotte and beyond.


Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese


Favorite Restaurant: The Waterman

Guilty Pleasure: Cupcakes & Macaroons

LaShara McDonald, Social Media and Content Director